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Katya Grokhovsky, Woman Untitled, 2017


Woman Untitled: masked, lost, unseen, unrecorded, unrecognized, invisible, lurking, mesmerizing, gone, unexamined, vanished, rigid, unyielding, emotionally spent, exhausted, forgotten, discarded, tossed, unafraid, retired, removed, relocated, misplaced, misunderstood, mistreated, fragile, ill, unwell, weak, soft, mortal, naive, intelligent, genius, unrealized, murdered, abused, sacrificed, silenced, slaughtered, disappeared, ignored, underestimated, unacknowledged, unknown, forced, unformed, deformed, depressed, tired, aged, blind, deaf, lifeless, listless, frozen, freaked out, frightened, malnourished, obese, sheltered, homeless, disobedient, radical, anxious, repulsive, lonely, longing, craving, yearning, rebellious, revolutionary, revolting, unattractive, masculine, alone, hoping, hopeful, rising.


All images courtesy Katya Grokhovsky, Woman Untitled, 2017, video stills, courtesy the artist