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A Visual Essay by  KRISTA CLARK, Atlanta, GA.

I use the visual language of architecture and the literal physicality of building materials to create collaged drawings and site-specific installations. I am interested in transitional spaces, the homogenization of place in addition to pushing and playing with the boundaries of drawing, sculpture and installation.

Each work is steered by my observations of Atlanta’s shifting urban landscape then broken down and retold through abstraction. I seek to highlight the ubiquitous materials we are exposed to everyday as we drive, ride, walk and bike through our changing communities. How are we changed by and at the same time how do we alter our surrounding landscape? We are all affected, for better or worse, by the construction and (de)construction of our built environment.


Krista Clark grew up in Burlington, VT and holds a BFA from Atlanta College of Art in printmaking, an MA from New York University and an MFA from Georgia State University. She lives and works in Atlanta, GA. Her work is included in the permanent collection of the High Museum and is part of an ongoing exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia through Art in Embassies.